No, Your Business Listings Aren’t Full of Errors

If you’re responsible for picking up the phone when it rings at your business, then you’ve probably gotten a spam call that sounds a lot like this:

“It looks like your business has 84 errors for it’s online listings, and some people are finding your competitors when they search for your business”

This is merely a scare tactic that the dinosaurs like YellowPages and Dex are using to get businesses to sign up for their digital marketing services. You probably haven’t even heard of 90% of the directories they’re talking about.

What they’re doing…

The vast majority of these companies are using automated software that takes your business address and searches online directories.

It then tries to match the address with a business, and since you haven’t added your business to these directories (not that you should, we’ll talk about that…), it might return a business in your building with a different suite number.

So now the sales person at these digital marketing companies are saying “Well, your business listing is showing up as another company online.”

Now here’s the thing, that may be true if someone went to this obscure directory and searched for your address – another business may in fact show up, except no one is doing that…

Put your efforts where it matters…

Yext offers a service called “PowerListings”, which basically syndicates your business information to a ton of online directories. 87 directories in the US, to be exact. Like the ever popular “Bizwiki”, and everyone’s favorite “” – oh wait, you mean you’ve never heard of these?

That’s because no one has, and there’s almost no reason for your business to be on those directories.

Where are people searching for your business? All together now… Google!

So let’s talk about that scare tactic that people love to use today… Is it possible that your business isn’t appearing correctly on websites like “Bizwiki” and “”? Yeah, it’s probably not on there at all. Should you be concerned? No.

What are people searching for?

Probably not your address. If they’re searching for your business, there’s a good chance they’re trying to find your address, phone number, or website.

Often times, when you appear in the Google Maps section of search results, it won’t be because someone is searching for your business name, but they’re searching for an industry.

If I’m looking for “air conditioner repair in grand rapids”, I can’t even see organic website listings without scrolling…

First I see 4 paid ad listings…
Then I see Google MyBusiness listings…

Following this are the organic search results, including some local HVAC companies and a couple of industry-specific directories like “HomeAdvisor” and “AngiesList”.

Where you should list…

So that ultimately brings us to the question… “Where should I list my business?”

  1. Regardless of your industry, list on Google using Google MyBusiness.
  2. Find a couple of industry-specific directories. If you’re a dentist, you could search for “dentists in Grand Rapids” – pick the first 2 organic directory results. Keep in mind that many of these aren’t true directories, but rather marketplaces where you can bid on leads.
  3. Bing Places
  4. Yelp – this is because they generally rank on the first page of Google when you search for an industry.

Find a good digital marketing agency…

It’s worth mentioning that if you don’t update the online listings that you do have, you may in fact have errors. It’s important to keep your phone number, address, and your website up to date. But it’s also important to remember that these aren’t necessarily the “errors” the spam calls you get are referring to.

If you’re running a business, managing your online presence is just as important as running payroll. But that doesn’t mean you have time to constantly maintain your online listings, collect reviews, keep your website updated, AND update your social media pages.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to find a good local digital marketing agency to partner with. Many agencies today offer monthly packages that take all of these responsibilities off your plate.

For example, our lowest package starts at just $299/mo and accomplishes many basic marketing needs like: review collection, establishing and maintaining online profiles, and optimizing your website for search engines.